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DUI Attorney FAQ

Dealing with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol) can be a time of fear and uncertainty. You are likely to have many questions. This section will provide answers to common questions to help you know where to go from here..

DUI Plea Bargains

DUI plea bargains in a drunk driving case are "deals" made with a prosecutor, where a defendant will enter a guilty or no contest plea to the DUI, or plead guilty to a lesser offense, to receive a less severe punishment.

DUI Blood Draw Process

The Blood Test is the most reliable and invasive method for measuring a person's blood alcohol content (B.A.C.). Each state's Implied Consent laws set forth the rules regarding when blood may be taken in a DUI case.

SCRAM Ankle Monitors

Alcohol ankle monitors are devices worn around the ankle that measure levels of alcohol present in a person's perspiration. You may have heard about them on TV as they are becoming more popular.

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