A DUI Attorney can help you if you have been arrested for or convicted of a DUI (driving under the influence).

DUIAttorney.com is the best DUI resource on the internet. We feel it's extremely important to educate yourself about DUI laws prior to choosing your lawyer. The DUI attorney you choose to hire for your potentially life-altering case should understand all aspects of your charges and build the best defense plan for your court case. Use our site to learn how to survive your case, avoid common pitfalls, and get the best from your DUI Attorney.

Drunk driving is a serious charge with potentially devastating punishments. A mistake in your case can result in your being convicted of a DUI or facing serious penalties. If you face a DUI prosecution, you are probably worried about the consequences which can include jail time, probation, a criminal record, loss of your driver's license and other things that can end up costing serious social and financial harm.

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Top DUI Mistakes and Pitfalls

  1. Not taking the charges seriously. - In nearly every state, driving under the influence is a serious criminal charge. It can be a criminal misdemeanor or felony and can result in jail or prison time and a permanent criminal record.
  2. Not talking with a lawyer. - Many people fail to realize that there is something wrong with their case because they plead guilty without hiring a criminal lawyer.
  3. Hiring the cheapest defense lawyer around. - Good isn't always cheap, and most cheap legal teams are inexpensive for a reason. Your criminal charge is the rainy day that you have been saving for (or should borrow for).
  4. Not showing up for court. - Ignoring a criminal case will not make it go away. In fact, it could result in a warrant for your arrest, a suspended license, and, in some states, additional criminal charges for failing to appear.
  5. Not exercising your rights. - You have the right to a defense attorney. Use it. You have the right to remain silent. Use it too. You have the right to plead not guilty. Don't waive it without the advice of an experienced defense lawyer protecting your best interests.
  6. Listening to friends about your case. - Just because somebody has managed to get himself or herself in trouble before does not make them an expert on criminal law. Many people sabotage their cases and their chances by listening to "jailhouse chit chat," and friends who have been through it before. Your friend may have had a root canal, but that does not make him a dentist, right?
  7. Missing the deadline for a license hearing. - In most states, following a drunk driving arrest, your license will go into suspension after a certain number of days unless you or your defense team requests a DMV hearing. If you blow the deadline, no amount of begging or wishful thinking can save your license. Act before it is too late to influence the outcome of your case.
  8. Not taking an out-of-state arrest seriously. - A lot of people get arrested and charged with crimes, including driving while intoxicated, while on business or vacation. It is tempting to go home and forget about it. Don't do it because it many cases you could be arrested and extradited back to the state where you were arrested, and/or a hold can be placed on your license until you take care of it. It is common for people who "ran" to have to deal with a charge that is 10 years old when they realize that the statute of limitations usually does not apply when you are a fugitive and that they are unemployable, uninsurable and without a valid license.
  9. Not understanding the drunk driving laws in the state of your arrest. - Each state has different laws, so it is important to learn about local laws and to contact a DUI attorney in your state.
  10. Not educating yourself on impaired driving laws. - Are you positive that you have the best possible information and help? Are you secure in the decisions that will be made in your case? Within this website are the keys to help you unlock the mysteries, myths and facts of drunk driving laws, BAC (blood alcohol concentration), courts and science in every state in the U.S.
  11. Don’t waste time! State drunk driving case deadlines range between 5 and 30 days before your rights may be forfeited.
    Missing the deadline can cause loss of driving privileges, seizure of your vehicle, and even arrest.

DUI Attorney FAQ

Dealing with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol) can be a time of fear and uncertainty. You are likely to have many questions. This section will provide answers to common questions to help you know where to go from here..

DUI Plea Bargains

DUI plea bargains in a drunk driving case are "deals" made with a prosecutor, where a defendant will enter a guilty or no contest plea to the DUI, or plead guilty to a lesser offense, to receive a less severe punishment.

DUI Blood Draw Process

The Blood Test is the most reliable and invasive method for measuring a person's blood alcohol content (B.A.C.). Each state's Implied Consent laws set forth the rules regarding when blood may be taken in a DUI case.

SCRAM Ankle Monitors

Alcohol ankle monitors are devices worn around the ankle that measure levels of alcohol present in a person's perspiration. You may have heard about them on TV as they are becoming more popular.