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In Wisconsin, the acronyms used for impaired driving charges most commonly are OWI and DUI. Whichever way you refer to it, a Wisconsin DUI charge is serious and contains a number of deadlines and pitfalls for the unaware. For that reason, we highly recommend that you read the Wisconsin OWI pages and make an informed decision who which attorney to go with to review your case.

Have you been arrested for a Wisconsin OWI, DUI, “drunk driving,” or impaired driving charge?

Tips, Pitfalls and Wisconsin DUI Facts

WI OWI Pitfall #1: You have only 10 days to challenge your impending license suspension. That means that if you don’t file a request for a hearing, or have an attorney request one for you, you will lose all of your rights to due process surrounding the Wisconsin DUI suspension.

WI OWI Pitfall#2: While the legal limit for Wisconsin DUI cases is 0.080, it is also possible to get a DUI conviction without having any alcohol reading at all. If your consumption of alcohol lessens your ability to drive safely, then you are at risk for a Wisconsin DUI conviction.

WI OWI Pitfall#3: Even though Wisconsin has a reputation of being more lenient on impaired drivers than most other US states, there is still exposure to heavy fines and jail sentences. Learn more about Wisconsin DUI penalties.

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