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In Roane County, Tennessee, a DUI charge can result in many different things.  You will spend some time in jail (two days to up to eleven months and twenty-nine days), a fine of anywhere from $350 to up to $1,500, and a guaranteed loss of your license for 1 year.  You may also have to attend special driving classes, which you’ll have to pay for, and show the court that you can pass required alcohol treatment courses.  If anyone was injured due to your driving or if you had anyone who is considered a minor (under the age of 18), then you may be facing even worse penalties.

The Legal Advice for You

Finding the perfect lawyer to handle your DUI case in Tennessee can be difficult.  You need someone who understands all of the details and technicalities that make up the DUI laws.  Not all lawyers know every aspect of DUI laws, so they may miss an important detail that could get your charges dismissed.  Marcos Garza, on the other hand, has made his career on defending those charged with DUIs.  He has years of experience and knows all the ways a DUI can be dismissed.

What Constitutes a DUI in Tennessee?

The DUI laws in Roane County actually include more than just driving while drinking alcohol.  They also include operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of narcotics.  In some cases, DUI charges may even be leveled against those who are driving while taking certain prescription medications.

For alcohol, a BAC test will be conducted at the time of arrest.  If your results are over the .08% legal limit, you will be charged with a DUI.  Commercial drivers will be charged if their BAC is more than .04%, while drivers under 21 will face DUI charges for a BAC of no more than .02%.

Call on Roane County DUI Defense Attorney Marcos Garza for Help

When you’re first charged with a DUI, call DUI lawyer Garza as soon as you can at 865-540-8300.  The earlier you can share the details of your arrest with him, the faster he can begin preparing your defense.  Hire only the best when it comes to DUI defense in Roane County, Tennessee.  It’s too important to let others defend you.


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