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SR22 High Risk Insurance In Oregon DUI Cases

Learn about SR22 high risk insurance as it applies to Oregon DUII cases and license suspensions

An SR22 in Oregon is essentially a certificate that you purchase from an insurance company that represents that you have adequate insurance to meet Oregon’s statutory minimum. If your level of insurance ever dips below the minimum threshold, or you cancel or are dropped from your police, then the company that issued the SR22 must notify the Oregon DMV. The DMV will then start license suspension proceedings against you if you don’t get re-insured.


You will need to file an SR22 in Oregon under two circumstances related to DUII Cases:

  1. You get a DUII conviction;
  2. You apply for a hardship license.

Because of the hardship license SR22 requirement, you may have some thinking to do if you lose your license to an implied consent suspension and then enter into Oregon DUII diversion. On the one hand, if you get the hardship license, you will be able to drive. But on the other hand, you will have the added expense of having to file an SR22 (and get an Ignition Interlock Device).

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