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Whether you are a resident of Nevada, or whether you were arrested for drunk driving, and need a DUI attorney in Las Vegas or Reno, you are probably scared of going to jail and of all the other implications of an impaired driving conviction. You are likely worried about losing your driver’s license, about having a criminal record, and about having to have an ignition interlock device breath test machine in your vehicle. If you are like most people, you a probably overwhelmed by the complexity of Nevada DUI Law.

An experienced Nevada DUI Lawyer can make a huge difference for you

In Nevada, DUI is a serious criminal charge. You have every right to be concerned and demand the very best information and advice in your case because you face an allegation that can damage your record, your freedom and your financial stability. If you are ever arrested for DUI, make sure you find a reputable Las Vegas bail bondsman.

It is important to note that Nevada DUI law is applied on the local level. Different counties, cities and courts treat cases differently. For that reason, it is important for you to get local information and talk with a DUI attorney with experience practicing in the county where you are charged.

Nevada DUI Penalties

Nevada DUI PenaltiesNevada DUI Penalties: The potential punishments for impaired driving in Nevada can be very harsh, but the right lawyer can make the difference between going to jail and walking away a free person, or between a longer or shorter sentence.

In addition to jail time, you are also exposed to license suspensions, fines, alcohol and drug education or treatment, and other serious sanctions. A Nevada DUI lawyer will be able to look at your case and your personal life-situation and determine whether there might be additional “collateral consequences,” of various possible outcomes to your case. Some of these things may include immigration or travel restrictions, professional license loss or discipline, and other career and insurance related issues that a NV drunk driving conviction can cause.

There is so much at stake in the average Nevada DUI case that you need the help of a seasoned and caring professional.

Don’t make a move in your case without an experienced Nevada attorney who concentrates on DUI cases

Nevada DUI Court Process

Nevada DUI Court ProcessNevada DUI Process: When you stop foot in court for your DUI, you will likely feel disoriented and overwhelmed unless you have the guidance of a professional who works within the system. Because of the extremely high volume of DUI charges filed against people in Las Vegas and throughout the state each year, prosecutors and judges may see you and your case as “business as usual” unless you have a strong voice in that courtroom advocating for your best interests and making sure that all the players involved know that you are a human being, and that you and those you care about have a lot riding on the outcome of your case.

In addition to the criminal court aspect of your case, which will determine your guilt or innocence and decide your punishment when appropriate, you will also need to navigate the driving aspect of your case, which is controlled by civil law. At stake is whether you will be suspended from driving or lose your license all together, and whether you will have to have an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. Make sure that any lawyer you hire is familiar with all aspects of a Nevada drunk driving case, including the Nevada DUI license suspension process, and Nevada ignition interlock law.

The Nevada DUI case against you may be weaker than it seems

Nevada DUI Sobriety Testing

Did you submit to a blood or breath test to determine your alcohol level, or to a blood or urine test for drugs? Nevada DUI chemical testing is far from foolproof, and it is possible to make an innocent person appear forensically guilty. A good Nevada DUI lawyer always keeps on top of the latest problems and issues that might benefit you and your case. If you don’t have a good attorney on your side, you may not learn about failures within police departments and crime labs, that evidence has been lost or contaminated, of missing breath machine date, and of missing, retired, suspended or injured police officers. These are only a small sampling of the possible things that a good DUI attorney working diligently on your case could discover that could make the difference between you being branded a criminal and getting a DUI conviction, or walking away with a clean record and your good name intact.

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