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You are probably afraid of going to jail, losing your privilege to drive, having a criminal record, an ignition interlock device and all of the other negative consequences of a drunk driving charge. Massachusetts DUI / OUI law is complex and confusing. You have every right to be afraid because you are facing a criminal allegation that can cause you inconvenience and pain now, and affect the rest of your life.

An experienced Massachusetts DUI Lawyer can make a huge difference

Massachusetts DUI PunishmentsMassachusetts DUI Penalties: The penalties for OUI in Massachusetts are severe, but the right lawyer can make the difference between going to jail or going free, or between a greater or lesser punishment.

There are steep fines, alcohol classes, driver’s license suspensions and other very serious and life altering punishments that a lawyer will help you mitigate and negotiate. There are many consequences that are not directly related to the criminal process that a lawyer can help you minimize or avoid. They include immigration consequences, professional licensing issues, and employment and insurance traps that can snag the unaware.

There is simply too much in jeopardy in your Massachusetts OUI case. You need the help of a seasoned professional.

Don’t go to court without an experienced attorney who concentrates on Massachusetts DUI Cases

Massachusetts DUI Process

DUI CourtMassachusetts DUI Process: Navigating the criminal court process can be disorienting in any case, but it is especially so in DUI/OUI cases for non-criminals who now must answer to a serious criminal charge. If you don’t have a lawyer, you will be held to the standards of a practicing lawyer, which means that you would need to know Massachusetts DUI laws, including all statues and supporting case law opinions, as well as the rules of evidence and procedure that apply in the court where your case will be heard.

In addition to the criminal court proceedings which will determine whether you will be labeled a “criminal,” get your charged reduced to something less than a DUI, or get the charges dismissed, you will also need to deal with the Massachusetts Registry and the civil driving aspects of your case. This means dealing with the civil system and the vast bureaucracy of the Registry. You need a lawyer who understands the Massachusetts DUI license suspension issues, and the laws regarding ignition interlock devices in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts DUI case against you may not be as strong as it seems

Were you given a chemical test for drugs or alcohol during your arrest and processing? Massachusetts DUI chemical testing is far from foolproof. A good Massachusetts OUI lawyer will know all of the latest forensic and legal issues that can benefit you and your case. If you are not represented, or if you chose the wrong law firm, you might not learn about important things such as scandals in police departments, evidence preservation or contamination issues, breath test device maintenance problems and calibration failures, and about missing, discredited, injured or retired police officers or other essential witnesses. These are just some of the hundreds of details that a dedicated Mass DUI lawyer will know and make sure you benefit from.

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