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Kentucky DUI LawIf you face a Kentucky DUI charge, you are probable afraid of what you now face. The prospects of going to jail, of losing your driver’s license or of having to have an ignition interlock device in your vehicle may keep you up at night. In today’s economy, a criminal record can hold you back and impact the rest of your life. The idea of having a drunk driving charge on your record may worry you because it can have a far-reaching and long-lasting impact on your employment and insurance, and hurt your family financially for years to come.

An experienced Kentucky DUI Lawyer can make the difference for you

If you are like most people who are charged with a Kentucky DUI, you probably feel a bit overwhelmed by the process, and perhaps alone. There are a lot of moving parts to a KY drunk driving case, and several crucial technical and legal issues that you will need to navigate. Right now you could use a friend and advocate to talk with, a professional who also understands your ordeal on a personal level. You deserve a DUI lawyer who understands the loopholes and pitfalls in Kentucky drunk driving law and process.

This is your case and your future is at stake. You have a right to demand the best legal information and help in your Kentucky DUI case.

If you are freshly arrested and just starting to figure things out, I hope that these pages will give you a good place to get started as you begin your journey through the labyrinth of the court and civil license systems. If you are already a ways into your case, or even if your case has concluded already, I hope that the information here will help you put to rest any remaining questions you have.

In Kentucky, DUI Is A Serious Crime

Kentucky DUI LawUnder Kentucky DUI Law, it is a serious criminal act to drive a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol. While you don’t have to be at or above the legal limit of .08 percent alcohol content to be in violation of KY drunk driving laws, if you are at or above that limit, you fall under Kentucky’s per se law, which means that you are presumed to be impaired and in violation of the law. In that case, you will need help from a professional who understands both criminal and DUI defense, and who is an expert in the forensic science behind the test used to measure your alleged alcohol level.

Kentucky DUI Penalties Can Have An Immediate and Lasting Impact On Your Life

Kentucky DUI PenaltiesKentucky DUI Penalties: The punishments for driving under the influence in Kentucky are strict, but the right advocate can make all the difference. Consider the possibilities. Jail vs. no jail. A longer vs. a shorter sentence.

There are several aggravating factors that can cause a stiffer sentence, including speeding, going the wrong way, refusing a chemical test, having a passenger under 12 years of age in your vehicle, having an accident and having a high alcohol level. The presence of one or more of these factors can expose you to more jail time.

In additional to the real possibility of incarceration, there are also heavy fines, alcohol classes, license suspensions and other potentially debilitation sanctions that a good attorney will help you minimize and negotiate. There are many “collateral consequences” of a Kentucky DUI arrest and conviction that you might not be aware of, and that an attorney can help you navigate. These include immigration and travel restrictions, professional license reporting requirements and defense, government benefits, insurance cancellations or limitations and much more.

There is way too much at stake in any Kentucky DUI case for you to try to handle the situation without the help of a seasoned professional.

Know The Kentucky DUI Court Process

Kentucky DUI Court ProcessThe Kentucky DUI court process follows the Kentucky rules of criminal procedure and evidence. If you don’t have a lawyer, you will be held to the same standard and level of knowledge as a licensed attorney, and the judge will expect you to know all of the rules and how to address the court.

You will be expected to have a working knowledge of the law of evidence, and how to make and meet objections, and how and when to introduce testimony and evidence. For that reason, it is imperative that you at least discuss your situation with an experienced DUI lawyer before making any important decisions that can hurt your case and your life, and that you won’t be able to undo.

Kentucky Drunk Driving Cases Are Local

Although the science and laws that inform Kentucky DUI cases are the same everywhere in the state, each county, each city, and even each individual court and judge may apply and interpret the laws slightly differently. Your friend who had a very similar case to yours, but in a different county, may be treated very differently than you.

There are local rules, processes, procedures and customs that you and your attorney must be aware of. These nuances range from where to stand in the courtroom to how to approach the prosecutor to discuss resolving your case. For this reason it is crucial that you be represented by an attorney with a lot of experience in the county and court where your case will be decided.

Get your free consultation with a local Kentucky DUI lawyer

The Kentucky DUI lawyers who participate in this website will talk with you for free about your situation. The initial meeting is designed to provide you with the best possible resources and information, from which you will be able to make the right decisions about your future and which attorney to hire.

There is never any obligation, and you have everything to gain. To get started, select the county where you were arrested and then call the lawyer directly or fill out the form and he or she will contact you.

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