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Wyandotte County was named in honor of the Wyandot (Wyandotte/Wyandott, or as they called themselves the Wendat) Indian tribe. The county was established in 1859 and is 155 square miles in size with a population of nearly 160,000. The county seat is Kansas City.

The state of Kansas has DUI laws that are very strict. If you are arrested for drunk driving in Wyandotte County you should know some of the consequences. Your first three DUI charges are considered misdemeanors. Any subsequent arrests will be considered felonies. The state of Kansas has a lifetime look back period, meaning any other DUI charges you have received in the past will be held against you and taken into consideration when determining your punishments.

Your first DUI conviction could lead to fines as high as $1,000 plus all court costs and fees. A minimum of 48 hours will be served in jail and a 30 day license suspension will ensue. After your suspension is lifted an Ignition Interlock Device will be installed at your expense for restricted driving purposes. In lieu of jail time, community service may be issued (a minimum of 100 hours).

Fines for a second DUI conviction could add up to more than $1,750. No less than 90 days will be spent in jail. The option of being released on parole, sentence reduction, or probation is not available until after at least five days have been served. Your driver’s license will be suspended for at least a year. However, after 45 days it is possible to apply for an Ignition Interlock Device installation for restricted driving purposes. These include transportation to and from work, school or treatment programs. The Ignition Interlock Device will remain in the vehicle for one year following the reinstatement of your license.

Third DUI charges will add up to $2,500 in fines plus a minimum of 90 days in jail without the option of release after 90 days have passed. Your driver’s license will be suspended for at least one year with the aforementioned Ignition Interlock Device option still available. The restricted driving period after your license has been reinstated is now 2 years. This restriction becomes three years for a fourth DUI conviction.

Subsequent drunk driving offenses will lead to much higher fines and larger sentences. Following your time spent in jail you will be put in custody of the Department of Corrections where you will be required to complete alcohol/drug treatment programs at your own expense.

When you are arrested you may be asked to submit to a chemical test (blood, breath, or urine). Refusing to submit to these tests will result in automatic suspension of your license along with other penalties that may later ensue.

After being arrested for drunk driving in Wyandotte County you have 14 days to request a hearing to dispute your case. It is imperative you call your Wyandotte County DUI Attorney immediately in order to receive the best defense possible for your case. Your attorney will be very familiar with all Wyandotte County and Kansas state laws and consequences regarding DUI cases. Don’t let this stressful time in your life get the best of you, call an attorney and allow them to help take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

Cities in Wyandotte County

Wyandotte County has only a single township:


Kansas City, 142,320 (county seat)
Bonner Springs, 7,069
Edwardsville, 4,463
Lake Quivira, 935


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