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Clinton County, Iowa DUI Lawyer

Clinton County Court Clinton County Police Clinton County DMV
612 N 2nd Street
Clinton, IA 52732
(563) 243-6210

241 7th Avenue N
Clinton, IA 52733
(563) 242-9211
316 S 6th Street
Clinton, IA 52732
(563) 243-7144

Clinton County Iowa OWI arrest?

If you are arrested for impaired driving in Iowa, you should be aware that your Iowa OWI case will be heard at the local or county level. For this reason, it is important for you to learn about local law and process, and connect with a local lawyer.

Clinton County OWI lawyers should be able to help you with cases in the following areas:

Andover, Bryantt, Calamus, Charlotte, Clinton, De Witt, Delmar, Elvira, Elwood, Folletts, Goose Lake, Grand Mound, Hauntown, Lost Nation, Low Moor, Malone, North Welton, Petersville, Shaffton, Six Mile, Sugar Creek, Teeds Grove, Ten Mile, Toronto, Welton, Wheatland

… and throughout Clinton County



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