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Named after Illinois’ first Attorney General Daniel Cook, Cook County was established in 1831. Cook County is the second most populous county in the US (second to Los Angeles County) with a population of  5,217,080. The county seat is in Chicago.

Adults in Cook County charged with a DUI could spend to up to one year in jail (plus six months if a child under the age of 16 is in the vehicle). Fines could add up to $2,500 (plus $1,000 if child is in vehicle; plus $500 if BAC is 0.16% or higher). Your driver’s license could be suspended for a minimum of one year plus community service hours and vehicle registration suspension. A second charge of DUI is still considered a misdemeanor, however, consequences are more severe. Five days in jail is a minimum mandatory sentence (or 240 hours of community service) but you could be given up to three years in jail. Fines could be up to $2,500 (plus $1,250 for having a BAC over 0.16% and up to $25,000 for having a child under 16 years in the vehicle). If a child under the age of 16 is in the vehicle the driver will be given felony charges. Drivers licenses will be suspended for a minimum of five years and an indefinite suspension of vehicle registration. Being charged for a third DUI now becomes a Felony. Drivers licenses will be suspended for a minimum of 10 years, jail time could add up to seven years, and fines could reach upwards of $25,000. Subsequent DUI charges bring lifetime license revocations and even heftier fines.

In Cook County there is a zero tolerance law when it comes to underage drinking. Minors with reported BAC of greater than 0.00% will face immediate consequences.

After being charged with DUI in Cook County it is advised you seek a specialized DUI attorney immediately. This way you can rest assured you are in good hands. Your Cook County DUI attorney will fight your case through to the end. With their knowledge of Cook County and the state of Illinois’ drunk driving laws and possible penalties your lawyer will take much of the stress of this difficult situation off of your shoulders.

Cities and Towns in Cook County

Thornton Township
Wheeling Township
Worth Township
Proviso Township
Maine Township
Schaumburg Township
Palatine Township
Lyons Township
Bremen Township
Niles Township
Hanover Township
Orland Township
Elk Grove Township
Leyden Township
Bloom Township
Northfield Township
Cicero Township
Rich Township
Evanston Township
New Trier Township
Palos Township
Berwyn Township
Oak Park Township
Stickney Township
Norwood Park Township
Lemont Township
Calumet Township
Barrington Township
Riverside Township
River Forest Township
Blue Island
Calumet City
Chicago Heights
Country Club Hills
Des Plaines
Hickory Hills
Oak Forest
Oak Lawn
Palos Heights
Palos Hills
Park Ridge
Rolling Meadows

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