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Florida CDL DUI In Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV)

In Florida, the legal BAC limit for commercial vehicles is .04. That means it is illegal to operate a commercial vehicle in Florida with a blood level of .04 or above. It is also illegal for someone operating a commercial vehicle to refuse to submit to a chemical test to determine BAC. Any violation of the commercial motor vehicles law will result in a commercial license revocation for a period of 1 year, during which time no commercial motor vehicle may be operated by the DUI offender, in addition to any other penalties that may be imposed.

A second or subsequent conviction for DUI while operating a commercial vehicle will result in a permanent CMV license revocation and disqualification from operating a commercial motor vehicle.

In most DUI cases, Florida allows for a person to obtain a hardship license or work permit. In commercial motor vehicles DUI cases, however, no such permit is available to operate a commercial vehicle (but an offender may in some circumstances be eligible for a permit to operate a motor vehicle). If you have been arrested for DUI while operating a commercial vehicle, be sure to contact an experienced attorney in your jurisdiction for more information.

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