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If you have been arrested on a DUI charge in Florida, you are probably scared about the criminal consequences your case might have on your life. You are probably concerned about going to jail, losing your drivers license, and having to have a breath test machine on your vehicle.

You are probably worried about the financial implications of your case, from fines, insurance rates to the implications for your career. If you are like most people who face a Florida DUI prosecution, you are probably overwhelmed by the complexity of Florida DUI law.

An experienced Florida DUI Attorney can make THE difference for you

You have every right to be worried because you face a charge that can and does cause great hardship now, and in a very real way can impact your future.

Once you read through the Florida section of this website, call the number to the right or fill out the free consultation form to schedule a free initial consultation. We know that you will feel and sleep better knowing that you are taking positive steps toward helping yourself. Whether you were arrested in Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach or any of Florida city, you can count on our network of DUI attorneys to defend your rights in the state of Florida.

Florid DUI Penalties

Florida DUI PenaltiesFlorida DUI Penalties: The punishments for drunk driving in Florida are very severe, but the right attorney can make the difference between going to jail and going free, and between a lengthier and shorter sentence.

In addition to incarceration, there are also steep fines, drug or alcohol classes, license suspensions and revocations and other collateral consequences such as loss of job, immigration consequences, and cancelled insurance. A good Florida DUI lawyer will help you negotiate and minimize both the criminal and civil license penalties, as well minimize or eliminate the damage the charge has on your life.

There is simply too much at stake in a Florida drunk driving case. You need the help of a professional and seasoned DUI defense lawyer.

Florida DUI Court Process

Florida DUI Court ProcessFlorida DUI Court Process: Navigating the criminal court process can be daunting in any case, but is especially so in DUI cases. This is because, due to the high volume of charges that the courts and prosecutors must process, and due to the fact that a Florida drunk driving charge is truly the “every-man’s” charge, prosecutors and judges may see your case as “routine” and less than serious unless you have a strong voice in the courtroom pointing out that this event and its outcome will have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of those you care about.

WARNING: Don’t go to court without an experienced Florida DUI Attorney who concentrates on cases like yours in your county

In addition to the criminal court process which will determine your guilt or innocence, as well as your sentence and terms of probation, you will also need to navigate the civil license and driving aspects of your FL DUI case. That means dealing with an even more crowded system: The Florida DHSMV.

You need a lawyer who regularly handles FL DUI driving and license suspension issues, and who knows how to navigate the system for you. Your lawyer’s expertise should always include a working knowledge of Florida implied consent law, the Florida administrative license suspension hearing process, and the law that governs ignition interlock devices in Florida.

The Florida DUI case against you may not be as strong as you think

Were you stopped at a sobriety roadblock? Were you pulled over without a good reason? Were you given a chemical test for alcohol or drugs? Florida DUI chemical testing is not the foolproof science that the government would like to make you think. For example, did you know that crime labs and breath test maintenance programs have committed documented errors, and that a lot more fly under the radar?

A good Florida DUI lawyer will always stay a step ahead of these types of issues, and will have a handle on all of the latest issues that might benefit you and your case. If you don’t have a lawyer, or if you chose the wrong law firm, you may never learn about internal affairs discipline of officers involved in your mater, about contaminated evidence within crime labs, about breath test machine maintenance failures, about missing or disciplined witnesses, and about many other things that can literally make the difference between you conviction and acquittal.

Don’t take a chance with your case and your future: Consult with a highly respected and experienced attorney

Florida DUI Defense Firm You Can TrustAfter a Florida DUI arrest you want honest answers and professional help. There are many challenges you will face upon receiving a DUI, and you want a well-established firm that you can trust to guide you through your ordeal.

Our network of Florida DUI defense lawyers are experienced and well-respected in the legal community, and are able to help you with your matter on a local level no matter where your case is pending.

Our attorneys and staff understand the real fear and despair that can hit you along with a DUI charge, and every member of our defense team pledges to do everything possible to not only get you the best possible result, but to make you feel comfortable and taken care of along the way.

Your case is about you. We understand that you have other things going on in your life, and want to maintain a sense of normality while your case is being handled for you. To better serve you we keep extended office hours, and make ourselves available during evenings and weekends for appointments.

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