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You are probably scared about going to jail, losing your license, ignition interlock devices, your record, your family and your financial security. If you are like most people, you are probably overwhelmed by the complexity of California’s DUI Laws.

You have every right to be afraid because you are facing an allegation that can cause you great hardship now and affect the rest of your life. That is why it is essential to get a California DUI attorney immediately. They will help guide you through the legal process while protecting your legal rights.

California DUI PenaltiesCalifornia DUI Penalties: The punishments for driving under the influence in California are severe, but the right attorney can make the difference between jail and no jail or between a longer and shorter sentence.

There are also steep fines, alcohol classes, license suspensions and other serious sanctions that a lawyer will help you minimize and negotiate. There are also many California DUI sentence enhancers that could apply to your case to lengthen your potential sentence.

There is simply so much at stake in a California DUI case that you need the help of a professional drunk driving attorney.

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California DUI Criminal ProcessCalifornia DUI Process: Navigating the criminal court process can be daunting in any case, but is especially so in DUI cases. This is due to the high volume of charges that the courts and prosecutors must process, and due to the fact that a California drunk driving charge is truly the “every-man’s” charge and will be looked at with little to no scrutiny unless a dedicated defense attorney demands it.

Not only will you have navigate the criminal court process which will determine your guilt or innocence, as well as your sentence and terms of probation but you will also need to navigate the civil license and driving aspects of your CA DUI case. That means dealing with an even more crowded system: The California DMV.

You need a lawyer who regularly handles CA DUI licenses suspension issues, and knows how to navigate the system for you. This includes a working understanding of California Implied Consent law, the California administrative license suspension hearing process, and the law regarding ignition interlock devices in California.

Sobriety Testing in California DUIs

Were you given a chemical test for drugs or alcohol? California DUI chemical testing is not foolproof. For example, did you know that right now there is an issue with a Riverside crime lab analyst that calls into question literally everything that he touched?

A good California DUI lawyer will be on top of all of the latest issues that might benefit your case. If you are not represented, or if you choose the wrong lawyer, you may never learn about scandals within police departments, evidence contamination issues, breath machine failures, missing, disciplined, injured or retired police officers, and many other things that could literally make the difference between your conviction and acquittal or dismissal.

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