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When you are in Phoenix and you have been charged with an offense related to driving under the influence, you aren’t going to want to choose just any Arizona attorney. You need to be sure that you’re working with someone who is a DUI lawyer – an attorney who knows DUI law and who has had experience with cases like yours.

Why does working with an experienced DUI lawyer matter?

DUI law varies from state to state. While any lawyer who practices in Phoenix will have some familiarity with these laws and cases, you’ll find that working with an attorney who specializes and has experience in this field of law improves your chances of winning your case. As you choose a lawyer, ask questions about his or her experience. Be sure to find out how long he or she has practiced, how long he or she has specialized in this field of law, what he or she is doing to stay up to date and pursue continuing education, and ask questions about his or her success rate inside the courtroom.

“How can working with an attorney who specializes in DUI cases help me?”

One of the most important questions anyone who is facing charges related to driving under the influence can ask is about the case. You need to know that there are risks involved, that you could lose your driver’s license or even your car. You need to know that the sentence could involve a high number of community service hours or potentially jail time. You should also consider that a conviction on these offenses could result in problems with your career – including losing your job.

More importantly, though, you need to know that getting the right legal counsel on your side dramatically improves your chances of success in the courtroom. By working with a lawyer who asks the right questions, who knows what your best options are, and who has a relationship with prosecutors involved, you can be sure that your best case is presented. You’ll also have an advocate on your side who is invested in the outcome of your case, and who is committed to helping you as much as possible.

When is the right time to hire a qualified, experienced Arizona attorney who specializes in DUI cases?

The best time to hire a DUI lawyer for your case is this: as soon as possible. The earlier that you bring an attorney into your case, the sooner that he and she can begin working with you to start making headway on your case. By acting quickly, you can be sure that you are getting answers when you need them.


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