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Arizona DUI cases are treated differently depending on the county, so it’s important to talk with a local lawyer who practices regularly in the county of your arrest.

If you face a DUI charge in Arizona, you need the steady hand and voice of a well-respected and effective advocate. If you are like most people arrested for a DUI in Arizona, you are scared about going to jail or prison.

You wonder how you will get by if your driver’s license is suspended or you are forced to install a breath test machine in your car or truck. If the prospect of having a criminal record, and the financial and social impact that a record would put on you and your family, then you owe it to yourself to read these pages about Arizona DUI law and contact the attorney in the county where you were arrested for a free case evaluation.

DUI laws are different depending on what city in Arizona you were arrested. Contact a local Arizona DUI lawyer to help your case most efficiently and he/she will gladly talk more about your case.

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