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A Message from Alaska DUI Attorney Frederick Slone

If you face an Alaska DWI arrest, you are probably worried about jail, your drivers license, ignition interlock devices, your record, your family and your financial security. If you are like most people, you a probably overwhelmed by the complexity of Alaska drunk driving law and process.

I’m Attorney Fred Slone, and my goal in every Alaska DUI case is simple: do what is in your best interest. I strive to exceed your expectations.

Once you read the Alaska section of this website and call my office to schedule a free initial consultation, I am confident that you will feel better knowing that you are doing everything you can to help yourself.

I look forward to talking with you.

Fred Slone Singature

Frederick Slone, Attorney At Law

Complimentary Alaska DUI Case Evaluation

You owe it to yourself to experience our high levels of expertise and service. The meeting can be in person or over the phone.

At the case evaluation we will do several things:

  1. Review your history, goals, concerns;
  2. Discuss the facts of your case;
  3. Outline possible defenses and potential issues for plea bargaining;
  4. Discuss the Alaska DUI process specific to the city and court where you are being charged;
  5. Make a plan of action so you will know exactly what you can do to best help your case;
  6. Discuss our fees and fee arrangements, and in most cases, quote you a defined flat fee so there are no surprises;
  7. Give you time and space to make the best decision, without pressure to sign up with us or turn over financial information;
  8. Answer all of your questions to the extent that sufficient facts are available to us to comment intelligently.

Arrested for an Alaska DUI?

If you face a drunk driving charge in Alaska, you will face two separate cases.

  1. The most serious is the criminal case, which exposes you to a range of Alaska DUI penalties, which include jail or prison time, alcohol or drug treatment, heavy fines and ignition interlock devices.
  2. If you submitted to a chemical test and failed it (.08 or more), or if you refused to take the test, you are exposed to the loss of your driving privilege through the Alaska DMV under the Alaska implied consent laws.

For the Alaska DMV case, time is critical, as you only have seven days (that’s right “7”) to request a hearing or your license suspension will start. For that reason, we recommend that you contact an Alaska DUI Lawyer as soon as possible to review your case and help you make the best decisions.

Alaska DUI charges are serious criminal offenses

Most Alaska DUI arrests are misdemeanors, but under certain circumstances can become very serious felonies.

Explore the tab menu above to learn the basics of Alaska DUI law, and feel free to contact Mr. Slone for a no-obligation case evaluation today.

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