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Challenge to Mississippi DUI Law Rejected

The defense attorney representing Darrell Blappert on the charges of DUI resulting in death had requested that the local Circuit Court judge throw out his client’s case, claiming that Mississippi’s DUI law was unconstitutional. The Circuit Court Judge from Harrison County, Larry Bourgeois, dismissed that request in short order this past week.

Darrell Blappert was charged with the crime last March, after having a few beers and getting in his vehicle. He hit another vehicle outside a bridal shop in Gulfport, pinning DeAnna Tucker between that vehicle and another in the parking lot. DeAnna Tucker, the daughter of Gulfport police chief Alan Weatherford, died an hour later from the injuries sustained in that accident.

Blappert’s attorney argued that changes to Mississippi’s DUI laws had changed over the past decade, making the threshhold of culpability much lower than it once was. Mississippi’s DUI laws call for a 0.8 blood-alcohol content before the driver is considered intoxicated, and the law also states that a driver who is impaired is responsible for any deaths or injuries regardless of any extenuating circumstances in the case, and if convicted, Blappert could face up to 25 years in prison. Crosby claims that Mississippi’s current version of the DUI law does not allow for consideration of whether or not a third party caused the accident, or if the alcohol played a part in the accident itself.

Blappert’s case is set to go to trial on March 19th…

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