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Driving While Stoned in Colorado

On Monday, the Colorado State Senate voted to endorse a proposal which sets specific scientific standards to determine impairment for those who drive while under the influence of marijuana. According to the new bill, drivers would be considered to be impaired if they are tested and found to have a THC level of 5 nanograms or higher. THC is the active ingredient…the high…in marijuana, making it the most reasonable testing criteria for impairment considerations.

Marijuana activists raised a reasonable argument against the “blood drawing” aspect of the bill, as they claim that since THC builds up in the fatty cells in the body, that a reading wouldn’t adequately determine how impaired the driver is “now” as much as it would show how long that person has been smoking the controlled substance. They claim that they are against driving while high, but want to find a new way of measuring the impairment factor. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, THC concentrations in the body peak during the act of smoking and for up to three hours afterward, and usually fall below the 5 nanogram standard after the three hour period has passed.

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