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Willingsboro Man Convicted of Vehicular Homicide

Charles James, from the Township of Willingsboro, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide this past Tuesday after causing the death of Keith Buxton, 56, from Evesham on Northbound I-295. James’ crashed into the disabled SUV of Michael Cericola as Buxton stood in front of the vehicle with the hood up, attempting to get the SUV back on the road again. Keith Buxton’s daughter, who was standing beside the vehicle, and Cericola, her boyfriend, were both injured in the accident. James’ admitted to drinking a substantial amount of alcohol, equal to 8-9 beers, before driving that evening.

The crash occured on James’ 41st birthday, and when police arrived, James blood alcohol level was measured at 0.143, nearly twice New Jersey’s legal limit of .080. Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor Stephen Eife submitted a plea that called for James, a former convicted felon who served a prior prison term before being released in 2007, to serve 8½ years before becoming eligible for parole. James has no previous history of driving while iintoxicated, though he does have 14 license suspensions for administrative matters and was cited for careless driving in 2010 and for speeding and being an unlicensed driver in April. James, who has five separate aliases on record, has 23 indictable convictions over a ten year span between 1990 and 2000.

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