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Chicago Police Officer’s DUI Trial

In May of 2009, an off-duty Chicago police officer, Richard Bolling, was arrested for DUI and reckless homicide after hitting a 13 year old bicyclist, Trenton Booker. The teenager died at the scene, and Bolling was arrested a few minutes later as he drove the wrong way down 82nd Street. His trial began this past week, and quite a bit of controversy is surrounding the case. Prosecutors for the case have inferred that Bolling was given preferential treatment by the arresting officers that night, primarily due to the fact that he wasn’t given a field sobriety test until more than two hours had passed. Bolling’s results from that test came in just under the Illinois legal limit of 0.08 percent. That controversy jumped up even more when one of the arresting officers reported that she was ordered by her watch commander to “hold off” on administering the sobriety test.

A forensic toxicologist assigned to the case estimates that Bolling’s blood alcohol level was likely between 0.124 and 0.169 at the time of the accident. Bolling was also found with an open beer in the console of his car at the time of arrest. Bolling reported that he had been relaxing off duty at a South side bar for a couple of hours, and had only two alcoholic drinks during that time, though official records show that Bolling had told internal investigators that he had 3 beers and two shots of vodka during that time. The arresting officers testified that they felt that Bolling had actually failed key parts of the sobriety test, with one of the officers claiming that she felt nervous due to all the high ranking police officers at the scene. Bolling claimed that he was “stunned” by the event, which was why he inexplicably left the scene of the accident, failed to call 911 and even passed a local fire station without stopping in to report the accident.
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