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Florida Police Officer Charged With DUI

Local Kendall district police officer, Fernando Villa, 32, was charged with DUI on Tuesday night after another officer found Villa passed out from intoxication inside his patrol car. Unlike most DUI arrests though, Villa was released after signing a notice that promised that he would appear in court to address the charge. Police Director, Jim Loftus noted that 

“Someone along the line decided to depart from my specific directions,” He went on to tell reporters that “We’re going to discover the identity of the person or persons and hold them accountable.”

Another officer, whose name was not released, found Villa’s patrol car stopped in the middle of an intersection in West Kendall at approximately 8:20 p.m. Tiesday night. Villa was at the wheel dressed in gym shorts and a T-shirt, according to police reports. No explanation was forwarded to answer how Villa returned to his home or who had made the decision to let him go. Villa has been relieved of duty with pay until this incident has been investigated.

The Villa DUI incident is just the latest in a bizarre list of incidents involving Miami-area law enforcement lately. According to reports, Miami Beach patrolman Derick Kuilan almost killed two people back in July after allegedly running into them while driving his police ATV while carrying a female passenger on a drunken late night joyride. Kuilan was released and is awaiting trial on reckless driving and DUI charges. 

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