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Colorado DUI Cases Dismissed

In Mesa County, the District Attorney’s office dismissed eight criminal cases this past week in light of credibility questions surrounding a former Colorado State Trooper. According to reports, hundreds more cases are being reviewed, and more cases are expected to be dropped in the coming weeks. The former trooper at the heart of this investigation is Donald Moseman, who stepped down from the State Troopers Office in December after a departmental investigation.

To this point, the cases that have been dismissed are all drunk driving misdemeanor cases that had Moseman as the sole witness for the prosecution. A representative from the State District Attorney’s office noted that dismissal is “in the interest of justice” and the product of “issues relating to proof.”

A number of attorneys in Grand Valley had requested the contents of Moseman’s internal affairs investigation, and it is expected that a judge could compel the department to turn over those records so that the judge could perform a private review to determine if there was material in that file that is relevant to these cases.

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