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“Drunk Driving Elimination Act” bill considered to stop Maryland DUI

Maryland is considering two important bills under the Drunk Driving Elimination Act movement to reduce the incidence of DUI in the state.

One bill would have all DUI offenders, even first time offenders, use an ignition interlock under state mandate for an extended period of time, likely three months. The bill is in line with efforts in other states to increase the use of ignition interlock devices. It is opposed by the Alcohol Beverage Institute, who would like to see the bill only apply to repeat offenders or those facing enhanced charges.

A second bill would remove the right to refuse a breath test from any driver pulled over under suspicion of DUI if he or she is a habitual offender. This bill is highly controversial, as personal rights proponents have long defended the necessity of allowing a driver to refuse the breath test. The change comes after Maryland and other states noted some offenders use refusal as a defense tactic, preferring the civil penalty of a license suspension to criminal court. 

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