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New Mexico car chase ends in DWI charge

Police in New Mexico have charged a man with his third DWI in the Gallup area following an extreme car chase.

The in dash camera on the police vehicle shows the suspect ramming into the deputy’s car in an attempt to get away. This occurred at least three times, leading reporters at KOB.com to surmise it was likely the suspect was attempting to immobilize the police officer.

The chase started when the deputy responded to a report of a car without headlights near a local mall. When the officer responded, he had to taser the driver, Norman Archunde, to try to keep him from leaving the scene. The taser did not stop Archunde, likely meaning he was not hit directly. He got back in the car to drive away. His passenger hopped into the bed of the truck but was thrown from the vehicle as it picked up speed.

The deputy was not injured in the chase. However, significant damage was done to the police vehicle, and Archunde will be expected to pay for repairs if he is convicted of the charges against him. Archunde has two prior DWI arrests and did not have a license or insurance at the time he was eventually stopped. 

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