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Orange County DUI offenders arrested driving away from courthouse

Police in Costa Mesa, an area of Orange County, California, set up a stake out near the Harbor Justice Center on Monday.

The police officers watched for offenders who had recently had their licenses suspended while inside the center leave and get into their cars to drive home. According to the Orange County Register, 16 offenders were tracked outside. Four of those offenders drove away before being stopped by officers.

All four were issued citations for driving with a suspended license or unlicensed. Three of the cars were impounded. This sting operation follows reports from many cities that DUI offenders simply ignore license suspensions, even boldly driving away from the courthouse. If they are not stopped for another traffic violation, drivers with suspended licenses will rarely get caught.

This problem has lead to increased used of mandatory ignition interlock periods instead of just mandatory suspension periods. With the ignition interlock period enforced, a driver must drive for a period of time, typically 6 to 12 months, with the device installed in order to finally have a license restored.

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