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New Hampshire Cancels MOP Program

New Hampshire recently canceled the public MOP (Multiple Offender Program) program run by the state of New Hampshire.  While the programs administered privately by organizations such as Amethyst House are still available, the state run facility is shut down.

So, what impact does this have on people convicted of a 2nd offense or greater New Hampshire DUI?  People will have to wait longer to get into the MOP program because Amethyst House and other privately run programs can only take a limited amount of people.  This may cause a backlog of applicants waiting to gain admission to MOP, which would result in lengthy delays for getting their driving privileges reinstated.

The cancellation of this program comes as no surprise in light of the budget crisis facing New Hampshire as well as the rest of the country.  Anyone who decides to plead guilty to a DUI in New Hampshire would be well advised to discuss the cancellation of the MOP program with your attorney.  The impact on your driver’s license is real and potentially severe.

About The Author: William T. Bly is a New Hampshire DUI Attorney.

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