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Judge dismisses false DWI arrest charges against Chicago officer

In the past few months, multiple police officers in Illinois have been under suspicion of charging DWIs without proper evidence, but a judge has thrown out one such case against an officer.

Officer John Haleas was under investigation both internally in the police department and criminally for allegations he was falsifying DWI arrests. A judge determined the statements he gave in the internal investigation cannot be used against him in the court of law, throwing out the criminal case due to lack of other evidence.

Haleas’s defense team filed the motion to have the criminal charges dropped. He will still serve a 1-day suspension from the force. However, considering he was facing perjury and other charges, the suspension is a minor penalty.

Haleas was under investigation when he did not administer a field sobriety test on a suspect and then gave the man a breath test without explaining the suspect’s right to refuse. Two officers in training were with Haleas and reported his actions. The investigation ensued, and internal reviews found many cases were not carried out according to procedure.

As a result of these infractions, 156 DWI cases in Cook County were thrown out due to improper arrests.

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