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Woman charged for 2 New York DUIs in 1 night

Oneida County sheriff’s deputies reported a woman arrested twice in the same night for driving while intoxicated on two unrelated traffic stops. 

33-year-old Talitha Gorea was first stopped after 7:00PM last night for minor traffic violations. According to the arresting deputy, Gorea was found to be in possession of both an open container of alcohol and an ecstasy pill when arrested. A drug recognition expert had to be called in to determine if Gorea was drunk or under the influence of drugs at the time of her arrest. 

The expert determined Gorea was over the legal limit for alcohol, leading to a DWI charge. She was also charged with possession of a controlled substance and issued traffic tickets plus a ticket for the open container and violating the terms of her conditional license. Officers did not feel Gorea was under the influence of the drugs at the time of her arrest. 

Gorea was released to a family member after a court date was set.

Only about 4 hours later, Gorea was spotted driving the wrong direction on a one-way street while speeding. Police attempted to stop the vehicle around 11:30 PM, but the operator continued driving, running a stop sign. An officer who had been involved in the first arrest arrived at the scene and recognized Gorea.

She was found to be in possession of another open container during the arrest. When taken through field sobriety tests, Gorea again proved to be intoxicated. Just 5 hours after she was first booked, Gorea was held under arrest again for DWI and open container violations. She also received tickets for imprudent speed, failure to reduce speed at an intersection, running a stop sign, driving the wrong way on a one-way street, drinking while driving and another license violation. 

Talitha Gorea

Image courtesy of Oneida County Sheriff’s Department.

Upon the second arrest, Gorea was help over night for arraignment.

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