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Teen sentenced to 15-years in California DUI fatality

A California teenager received the maximum sentence possible in an accident that lead to the death of his classmate.

Milad Moulayi was 18-years-old, unlicensed and had drunken several shots of rum before getting in the driver’s seat of his mother’s car. The judge who heard the case said the young man had indeed committed a very violent crime when he chose to drive a car in those conditions, especially since the he had previously been warned that it was dangerous to drive without a license.

The crash took the life of 16-year-old Mackenzie Frazee as she left a party that night. Moulayi appeared remorseful, apologizing to Frazee’s family before he was sentenced. He asked forgiveness, but he received the maximum sentence of 15 years, despite his young age.

One reason for the maximum sentencing was witness testimony. Reports say witnesses explained that Moulayi was unable to stand or speak properly when he was leaving the party that night. They also say Moulayi was insistent on driving Frazee home that night. Investigators showed the crash was the result of this intoxication and not other factors.

Often, young people will receive a lesser punishment if they can show a record of good behavior, leading a judge to understand the accident was the result of one bad decision. As Moulayi allegedly had driven in dangerous circumstances previously, the pattern of risky behavior showed the judge this was not an isolated incident.

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